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Bizar Bazar


Petrovac na Mlavi / Pozarevac / Beograd - Serbia

Bizar Bazar sign

Bizar Bazar will explain to you why did the world became as insane as a Balkan tavern! Strong rhythm, imaginative musicians and superb music production is united with positive side of Balkan mentality in its full power of witty sense of humor and self-irony. Nobody is spared of dancing while you pass through the iconic atmospheres of megalopolises, city corners, villages, hills, stables, churches, weddings, wars, heavens and hells; and you hear the sounds of heartbreaks, drunkenness, life dilemmas, escapes, tradition, shadows, wounds, tears and laughs. Experienced musicians with a charismatic lead promise to bring dramatic mayhem live. Their first album Xecuse Me For My Bad English is coming soon!

Worldwide booking: